Replica Lightning Pointer Rolex Milgauss Series Watch Detail

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Some people say that green Rolex can be called a masterpiece. The classic representative of Rolex is 16610LV, and the green color on the outer circle cannot be described by words and photos. Only when you see the real thing, you will find out why there is such a beautiful green and has been deeply fascinated by the green of Rolex. It can also be seen from the price that as long as the price of green Rolex is not cheap, and today replica Rolex Milgauss is the protagonist of this article.

The mirror surface of the Milgauss watch will show a faint green light effect from any angle. This is the effect of the reflective green anti-glare blue coating mirror material. This replica Rolex watch has a size of 40mm. Although the size is not very large, the stainless steel case is also very important to wear. It can be said that this size is very comfortable to wear.

The appearance of this replica Rolex is very beautiful, and it is also very recognizable in many well-known Rolex series. The classic green sapphire mirror is very gorgeous, and the most recognizable is the orange lightning pointer. As long as it is with a lightning pointer, it must be the Rolex Milgauss series. The stainless steel case of the watch is also polished and very detailed, with a good gloss, and the appearance is really impeccable. In many styles of Rolex imitation watches, its popularity has been high.

Focus on the special lightning pointer of this replica Rolex watch. Everyone knows that Rolex always likes to make a fuss on the hands of the watch, which can be found from the Mercedes-Benz pointer and the triangular pointer. However, among the many types of pointers, most watch fans believe that the most stylish is the lightning bolt of the Milgauss series. The lightning pointer is not only a model of anti-magnetic watches but also a pioneer in the field of pointer aesthetics.

The logo on the side crown is also very delicate. It is exactly the same as the genuine one. The workmanship of the back cover is the same, and the lettering on it is printed in black. The lugs are larger than the Daytona of the same diameter, and the stainless steel case and bracelet are highly polished and very comfortable. This Rolex replica watch uses the 3131 movements, the basic movement is Seagull 2824.

The overall workmanship of the strap is smooth and translucent, and the Rolex Logo is perfectly presented on the buckle without flaws. The buckle adopts the frosted process, and the details are perfect. This Rolex replica 116400 watches is available in two colors, both of which are casual colors. The glass surface is very beautiful with the luster of gems.

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