How to assess and estimate Rolex Fake Watches ,one real evaluation

Share some of my experiences and experience, but please give me a lot of advice and appreciation to see if this table is doubtful. Speaking of Rolex Fake Watches, or by the impact of the forum. At that time was the end of 2017 year 1 , I started to lock Rolex Fake Watches Ghost King, the Black Ghost King 6 million, gradient blue Ghost King lowest quotations 79800 Yuan, the most expensive 85000 yuan. Many people say to try to know is not suitable, especially the  Rolex Fake Watches ghost king, wrist thin hold not live. The circumference of my wrist is only 17.4 cm, I do not know if it is suitable to wear in theory. I’ve been noticing the gradient blue-black king this watch.

Rolex Fake Watches
Rolex Fake Watches

The Wrist Watch Forum several well-known buyers The Prestige is good, all have very good word-of-mouth. Then someone will say, you must be entrusted. Hey, I’m not. How did you know they were selling the real stuff? I have no labor and other brand service centers here. Why I dare to buy, is the altar of the friend’s homework and I see the kind. The altar of friends to buy Lao have open cover to verify is true, I see the goods work fine, all kinds of information complete, look at the card can find from where the authorized dealer out of the goods, this is not OK? I did not sign, let Express small brother to open the packaging inspection, when I see the kind of table is very good-looking, I would like to see the crown on the mirror, but do not know the method, did not see, but from the weight of the table, the appearance, workmanship should not be wrong! So sign to take away. This is the old white goods in a loophole, really for old Bai Khanyi! Rolex box is too stingy, only this Rolex Fake Watches box do not know what material to do, very general!

Rolex Fake Watches take home, I started according to my method inspection: First, look on the mirror laser anti-counterfeiting crown, I read for a long time, is not found, and magnifying glass are used. So I called DG, who was very patient and told me how to look, and according to his method, I finally saw the crown. I know N Factory also has this laser anti-counterfeiting crown, I do not know whether it is easy to see; the second is the Pauka and the table number on the table. My table number is 6D at the beginning of the 8 -bit garbled, the table number engraved in the second layer of silver circle of the circumference of the root, but also to look closely to see; the third is to check the card on the sale of the company. I took a section of the card on the English to Baidu to check, with Baidu translation to find the results of the Web page, a look at unexpectedly is a Labor sergeant nets, Baidu translation of the content is ” Muhammad’s son uae” what, the page says is their authorized business, this is the UAE Dubai goods Four is to look at the appearance of some basic characteristics, this knowledge can check the Watch forum’s friends to post, such as: Pearl is not taibai, transparent, silver scale in the light to observe whether uniform and no obvious sparkle; whether there is a certain degree of elasticity of the ring pressure, the teeth ring twist sound crisp, moderate intensity; whether the bottom cover of the table has rubber texture To listen to the movement of the voice, whether it is the crisp and melodious metal sense of “when” and so on.

 After my own acceptance no problem, I excitedly cut the  Rolex Fake Watches strap. Talking about the band, the gas will not play a place out! The first Master said that this table cut a quarter of Yuan, I, the provincial capital, regardless of the section is the yuan, I would like to, the yuan a section on a section, the result was he cut into a rotten tail strap, That heart of mine really hurts. He cut the screws 2 knots down, but the third section is not cut down, screw the flower, unexpectedly still not cut down. Finally this master said, do not collect money, you go to find another master, I also bad theory, he can not compensate me screws. So I went to another counter to sell the table, please master cut, with the front of the lesson, first said if not cut will not force, master a watch, conveniently returned to me, said to find other people. Later check the Watch forum to know, Rolex strap screws Root has glue, want to use hair dryer to blow hot to smooth cut down. So on a certain buy nut batch, according to the method of friends, less than a minute, the master cut down the screws easy to take down, which also for me to change the strap laid the foundation. Haha, own hands, plenty of clothing, do not superstitious these lame master.

Fake Rolex gradient Blue black Ghost King is almost half a pound heavy, so think of changing a rubber strap try. Check out from the forum, there is a Swiss-produced rubber B strap, so the almighty treasure to buy, looking for the mainland’s only one authorized provider. This strap is really expensive ah, two pieces of small rubber strips with a needle buckle to 1700 multiple Yuan, a match with the original button to 1500 multiple. How to find a purchase may be cheaper. I’ve sold two. With the experience of the front cutting strap, I try to change the strap, do not know, a do not know how powerful they are! First, I used the pick-and-ear tool I sent on the strap to disassemble the strap, or very smoothly took off the steel strap, pay the price is the inside of the ear some grinding flowers, remind also want to change the strap of the table friends, if there is obsessive-compulsive disorder, before the best tape protection. I’ve changed both straps, I think it’s the black belt with the blue line with the pin buckle is perfect, the original steel band is not enough, and the blue Black Ghost King’s thick fuselage and the diameter of the table are not matching, too narrow. and the rubber strap replaced, half a pound immediately change 32, with very comfortable. In order for me to change the three-strap easily, I bought a table friend called the V -type clamp artifact, in fact, do not use this artifact, with a screwdriver and split the ear of the tool is easy to handle, but the price is the inside of the ear will be grinding flower, but in the inside, the strap on the back of the can not see. Yes, to be on the safe side, still need to buy a bottle of Le Tai 222 screws to prevent loose gum on the screw.

Why there are so many Fake Rolex Watches evaluation. Rolex’s each series has its own bright bright spot, has many watches the friend buys the Rolex to buy several pieces, the labor powder is many. Why, then? A lot of powder will say,” once and for all ” ah. Beginning to this ” once and for all ” I do not quite understand, bought a gradient blue-black Queen I understand, my conclusion has three: one is to travel accurately. Lao is my third Watch, my labor gradient blue-Black Ghost king, the first day almost 0 error, now 4 days Cumulative slow 1 seconds, which makes me very excited. Some people say that you take this as the main reason, buy a piece of electronic or quartz watch,1 seconds is not bad.

Rolex Fake Watches
Rolex Fake Watches

This misunderstood my meaning, since everyone is a mechanical watch enthusiasts, of course, the electronic watch and quartz watch, my experience is that the mechanical watch can be so accurate, really let people admire, and the second is this rolex replica watch appearance domineering, there is king style. The picture of the blue-black Ghost king and hold the kind of sense of the difference is too large, you only see the kind, you can feel beautiful, domineering and King style. The table appears to be a three-storey structure with the first layer of tooth rings and sapphire mirrors. The second layer is a silver circle, I do not know is not metal, the thickness of the brand is a variety of text, the circumference is also a lot of text, the table number in the circle on the bottom of the circumference. The third layer is the pointer is a blue gradient dial, when you get the hand, you will marvel at the original table can be done so beautifully; I changed the strap, did not protect the ear with tape, removed the steel belt, changed the rubber belt for two times, I thought that I was too not cherish, actually is just a few small marks on the inside, the table can see the place has not been zoned flower, I was the first time I changed, no teacher taught, have not seen a change, but I succeeded. Four are people like Rolex. Before long saw a true labor gradient blue and black Ghost King and N factory V version of the comparison of the Blue Ghost King, done very much like, and the movement of 3135 is also 1:1, the movement of the screws, red wheel, shock absorber can be genuine. What sells well, the greater the likelihood of imitation. If I can’t wear it, I’ll wear it because I like it. Thank you for your patience, thank you!! Fake Rolex Watches for Sale,hope and choose your.

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This new member of the avengers series is full of all the qualities that a professional must have on his Rolex Replica wrist, a perfect companion to your challenge. The remarkable 48mm case has a thinner, more ergonomic streamlined design, and the ear part, which extends from the surface of the case, is also subtly used in the interior design. The lightweight titanium case and the military synthetic fabric strap make the wristwatch more wrist and enhance the wearer’s comfort level.

Rugged case by high strength carbon nitride processing, surface rendering pure black matte effect, avoid any reflective interference in operation, reveal more technical, functional, and elaborate the perfection of style. The bright, large – and – time scales on the black panel are coated with night – light to ensure the best readability and clarity, even in the dark. Rolex Replica large screw-plug crown by the antiskid design, can provide convenient and efficient adjustment function, at the same time, due to its protection device to watch case more solid and reliable, waterproof performance of 300 meters (1000 feet). New Avenger Blackbird avengers Blackbird spy wrist in a whole new look and extraordinary momentum, more mechanical timing movement, carry on the automatic chain and has the highest benchmark observatory Swiss government certification (COSC).

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Very good looking Replica Rolex the chain is also very easy to use, simple and generous received two days, because more like washing hands did not wear a bath, after all, why the price of such a price test it! Can not get 250 yuan of best replica watches and hundred dollars watch it! Looks good quality service is thoughtful value, and intends to buy a piece to the niece with this table does not pick how much people can bring very wild. With two days, did not fade, the high value of the low price, it is affordable, when the table is hand to adjust the time the seller is very thoughtful also sent two button batteries, a tune chain tool, this tool is good to buy later What table can be used very useful. Feel very grade, very much like the high-end atmosphere on the grade!


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