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2018 years, to say the world what watches the most fire, that must be Rolex new Red Blue circle GMT ref.12671!Its public price in mainland China is 71800 yuan, but in the domestic two-tier market has been fried high to more than million, a premium near 70%. More popular, not only in mainland China, the world is such a rush, such as Japan ,originally priced only million yen, the result needs to 230 million yen to get the kind, or queue to everlasting. If You are have interest in buying copy Rolex Watches, we suggest look through our website, the copy Rolex WatchesReplica Rolex Watches for Sale‘ll give your best discount.

Copy Rolex Watches
Copy Rolex Watches

Due to the fact that the watch is in short supply, and even some of the official authorized dealers now do not get the goods, many of the natural people like to have no chance to see the real thing, the heart inevitably have a lot of small doubt. So we found a new red and blue circle GMT ref.126710, holding the kind of people concerned about a few issues to chat, share some of its unknown story! The new GMT ref.126710 in the appearance of the most intuitive feeling is its red and blue two-color outer ring, because its similar  with Pepsi Pepsi-Cola color , so its also known as ” Pepsi Circle ” .

 since the birth of 1954 years, GMT Series outer circle has been three generations of evolution, from the earliest plastic materials to the aluminum alloy, until the beginning of the year of the use ofCerachrom Ceramic outer ring, first batch of cerachrom ceramic outer rings are all black. In order to distinguish the second time zone day and night,2013 year, Rolex also launched the world’s first integrated blue-black two-color cerachrom word circle. Such a two-color ceramic ring is very difficult to burn because of the need to control the ” color of two colors ” and ” color between the boundaries.”

The red and Blue Two-color “Pepsi Circle” mentioned above is easy to realize in the metal aluminum ring, but it is extremely difficult to change to ceramic. On the red and blue circles, the red is the base, and the blue part is later colored. When fired red, the temperature is too high, the red will disappear, the temperature is too low, the color will be black. So the “Pepsi” Red and blue ceramic ring was only configured above the high-end platinum style, to get the color, it costs a lot. This year Rolex will be the original million to use the red and blue two-color ceramic ring to carry more than 7 steel, the news is quite hot! For those who like this kind of color collocation,which  is undoubtedly the great news.

But it is ” bad news “for those who have spent a fortune buying platinum money. In order to avoid their expensive version of GMT is mistaken for cheap steel, so Rolex deliberately paired with the strap from the previous ” oyster strip + oyster clasp ” to replace the ” Five bead chain Belt + oyster clasp “to increase the identification degree. ” Just look at the strap, it can be very simple to distinguish between the public price of platinum, or 7 million steel. For this year’s new red and blue ceramic ring GMT, in addition to the applause of the domestic voice, there are a lot of people in the vomit slot its strap. Think ” five beads chain + oyster clasp ” is too ugly, not as before the ” oyster plate with + oyster clasp. “

In the first generation of the GMT series has been used five bead chain, but later discarded. And the domestic scale to buy the atmosphere is from the beginning of the year, so many people have not seen GMT+ five bead chain with the collocation, feel suddenly difficult to accept. However, to be honest, after the real thing, it will feel that the five-bead chain will appear too “mature”, there is no previous oyster strip simple, sports breath. In the era of matching strap, with the five bead chain GMT will be more expensive than with the oyster plate belt, because the five bead chain with more parts, more fragmented, processing will naturally more complex. The advantage of such a fine table section is that it is more fitting, but there are two drawbacks. First, if the hand is thick, it is easy to clamp; second, the more holes there are in the connection, the easier it is for the strap to feel ” loose ” . This is a new ref.126710, in the unused case, and did not install the table head, there have been obvious signs of sagging, not as strong as the Oyster plate belt.

Such “loose” signs are more likely to occur on highly-dense, precious-metal versions of the Rolex, so Rolex uses wear-resistant ceramic bushings inside the table section of the Gold section.Unfortunately, this time the steel ref.126710 did not match, in other words, long-term use (ten years) will certainly become more ” collapsed. ” It is noteworthy that the Rolex is not handling the broken strap, it is even harder to get a new strap to pay for it, and that the latter can only use a third party company to carry out a ” clip Strap “to restore the original strength as much as possible. From the appearance, function, five bead chain compared to the oyster strip have some obvious “disadvantage”, but due to the purchase of the Platinum section of the old user heart cool reason, Rolex or resolutely in the steel section using five bead chain. In the face of such a situation, many of the friends have said that they get the new GMT will later replace their own later oyster strap.

If you look good enough, you’ll find a new change in the Rolex this year. Usually on the dial six o’clock, Rolex will print the words “Swiss Made” made in Switzerland. But this year’s red and blue ceramic ring GMT is added in two words between the addition of a small crown, began to think is the sapphire mirror on the security logo reflected on the dial, the results confirmed that the Rolex deliberately alone on the dial on the printed.

At the same time, not all the new models this year began printing the small crown of the dial. In contrast, it was found that only a new table equipped with the newer series and the latest movement was deployed. For example, the Rolex in the old white gold red and blue circle GMT table fine-tuning (the blue dial with a silver GMT Needle), is also a new model. But because of the movement of the system, there is no small crown of the dial.

The biggest reason for this change is the Rolex’s desire to increase the appearance of the new and old movements to boost sales. Because although the new 32/22 is more than the old movement has a lot of upgrades, but the dynamic storage longer, performance improvement, such as micro-change adjustment methods, such as pictures can not be quickly perceived from the static environment. Now add a dial small crown, you can see whether the latest paragraph is simple.

Copy Rolex Watches
Copy Rolex Watches

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