Do You Really Understand Rolex Watches?

Rolex is a noble synonym in the minds of many people. After all, in the watch industry, Rolex has always had a very high reputation. Despite the high price, and even to increase the price to buy, but many Rolex models on the market are the king of out of stock, Specially the Submariner series is regarded as the king of diving watches.

In this market, many people regard Rolex Submariner as a purchase target. At present, the replica Rolex Submariner watches on the market also have the same high sales volume and are loved by many fans. There are many options for buying watches, but many people cannot refuse Rolex. But when it comes to this, I want to ask everyone, do you understand Rolex?

In all Rolex watch series, the popularity of Submariner series watches needless to say. Most people are attracted by the classic, precision, fashion, and durability of Rolex. The Rolex Submariner series was born in 1953. At the time, the first watch with a water resistance depth of 100 meters was designed. The design is also very different from the current one. The pointer is a straight-line pointer, not the Mercedes-Benz needle design that is currently used. It is only for better adhesion of the luminous paint, so it is divided by lines and is still used today.

In addition to the pointer, there have been obvious changes in other places. For example, the diameter of the case has been expanded from 36mm to 40mm, and the water resistance has been upgraded from 100 meters to 300 meters, which is now more common. A single rotating outer ring and calendar device have also been added. The “magnifying glass calendar window” is also one of the classic symbols of Rolex.

In the Submariner series, not all styles are popular, because new versions are appearing in the back, but the most representative ones are still these. The first is the entry-level 114060, which does not have a calendar, 3130 movements, waterproof 300m, classic appearance simple atmosphere. The second is that everyone often talks about 116610LV. Because the dial is designed in green, it is highly recognizable, so it has received more attention from everyone. Because of its low output and high prices, this replica Rolex is also popular in the watch replica market.

The Rolex Submariner watch is a watch that many watch friends want to own. Choose your own watch to show your charm. If the funds are not enough, a high-quality replica Rolex watch can also meet your pursuit of appearance. Precise Rolex replica watches work fine and perfect.

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