Explore The Different Colors Of Rolex Submariner Series Watches

Why is the green dial version of Rolex Submariner always more expensive than the black dial version? The same material, the same specifications, but different colors, why the price difference is so big? Today we will talk about a few points and find out. At present, the replica Rolex Submariner series in the replica watch market is very excellent.

Friends who are often in contact with watches should know that Rolex initially released the Submariner series of watches with very low sales and once became unsaleable products. But why has Rolex Submariner started to get hot again in recent years, and once exceeded the public price?

There are several rumors in the watch industry. Some say that the outer ring of the Green Rolex Submariner watch is more complicated than the black process. The outer ring of the Green Rolex Submariner watch is not only ceramics but also gold powder, and some say that the supply of green Rolex Submariner watches insufficient, so the black version is used to fill the gap.

I can tell you responsibly that the above are all rumors and untrustworthy. First of all, the craftsmanship of the outer ring is the same, not to mention the material. There may be doubts about the consumer’s perspective. But as a manufacturer, do you think you will add the gold powder to the outer ring for the same specifications and the same material, but with different color combinations? The answer is negative.

Rolex first released the Green Submariner in 2003 with model number 16610LV. The release of the green Submariner is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner series. The second generation of green Submariner appeared in 2013, the model is 116610OLV, which is also a commemorative model, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the release of the Submariner series. Therefore, the reason why green is more expensive than black is that green Submariner is a commemorative model, which is more prominent in the collection value.

Another reason is that green seems to have become the representative color of Rolex, very iconic. Just like Ferrari’s red and Lamborghini’s orange, they are the representative colors of the brand and have a high degree of recognition. Rolex Submariner series watches, no matter which color, except for the appearance of the color difference, all the materials and parts are exactly the same. However, the number of green versions is less than the number of black versions. In terms of significance, the Green Rolex Submariner is a commemorative watch. Since it is a classic representative color green, it has achieved the achievement of the green dial Rolex Submariner series.

Rolex is one of the most valuable watch brands, not only the Submariner series but also many other popular styles. For those who like Rolex, you can also pay more attention to replica Rolex watches, quality and price are very impressive.

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