Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller Gold Watch M126603-0001

With the growth of age, whether it is a stainless steel watch or a stainless steel watch, there is always something missing on the wrist. That’s right, and it’s just a little less gold. When many people mention the gold watch, someone will immediately think of the Rolex gold watch, probably because of the influence of Rolex in the movie as a child. However, the price of pure gold Rolex is very high. Today, I will bring you a new Rolex Gold and metal stitching watch.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller series M126603-0001 watch is a new model for 2019. This watch is the first Gold and metal stitching watch ever launched in the Sea-Dweller series. This replica Rolex Sea-Dweller watch has spent a lot of energy, whether it is from the overall black and Gold collocation or material selection. Only in this way can this watch be endowed with noble beauty.

The case of this Rolex replica watch is made of 904L stainless steel gold-plated material, mirror sapphire crystal glass mirror, full permeability, and it is resistant to falling and can also avoid scratches in daily life. The gold scale on the black ceramic bezel is engraved with exquisite perfection, and the width and uniformity are very suitable. The night pearl inlay is unbiased, the height is moderate, and the filling is in place without overflow. The metal frame inlaid with night pearls is polished and smooth. The 12-point inverted triangle scale is aligned with the crown below.

The three-dimensional hour markers and hands on the dial are filled with luminous materials, full and overflowing, and decorated with golden frames, with a full texture. The scale of the circular scale is consistent, the arc of the circle is perfect, and the four corners of the rectangular scale are perfectly right-angled, finely polished, and perfectly consistent. The biggest change in this watch is that the word SEA-DWELLER on the dial is yellow instead of red.

The classic Mercedes-Benz hour hand design with a close-up look at the dial surface. The pointer looks very comfortable while turning, the groove can be seen on the outer ring, after careful polishing, it is round and not frizzy, and the texture is great. At 3 o’clock, there is a very classic small window convex lens, which can magnify the calendar and facilitate reading. The calendar magnification window also uses the blue coating process.

The crown on the side adopts the Rolex patented waterproof crown, and the screw-in triple-buckle triple waterproof system can take into account the waterproof performance of the watch when operating the watch, which is very reliable. The crown is still engraved with the classic Rolex crown logo, polished and polished, and has a strong three-dimensional sense. All around is designed with an anti-slip texture for easy operation and time adjustment.

The bottom cover adopts a dense bottom design, and the drawing process makes the bottom cover look very delicate. The movement is equipped with the Seagull 2824 movement, accurate travel time, very high stability, and all functions follow the original. The bottom cover is engraved with a circle of English fonts, the fonts are printed clearly, and the grooves on the outer circle are also very round.

The strap adopts the Rolex classic oyster strap, the middle row is polished with gold plating, and the sides are brushed with stainless steel. The workmanship is very delicate. The original texture and effect are adequately reflected. The buckle adopts an Oyster-style safety buckle and is equipped with the Rolex Glidelock extension system. Through convenient fine-tuning, the watch fits the wrist more efficiently and does not fall off easily. It is very reliable.

In general, this replica Rolex watch not only embodies uniqueness in appearance but also fully reflects its functions. It can also fit most people in size, satisfying all fanatic fantasies of Rolex.

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