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Since the establishment of the factory, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf has been stressing that to make the movement more accurate, the watch more durable, and almost only in the precision and durability of the two targets to protect and move forward, this is not the world’s troubled state of mind is a kind of sureness, some people say that the big things are very calm, In fact, the Rolex gives people the feeling of calm is the external performance of sureness. Our website’s Rolex Fake also with the steady and steadfast spirit production  Fake Rolex Watches. This year Rolex combines the spirit of sports racing with the spirit of Rolex, a perfect illustration of brand value.

 Rolex Fake
Rolex Fake

After a day of fierce and brutal fighting, Toyota Gazoo finally got his wish and won the first Le Mans endurance race. A few years ago with the championship several times past Toyota team, this tournament to Kazuki Nakajima driving 8 , in the completion of the 388 Circle after the first line, with Toyota’s 7 The car followed, only two laps after the match, so that the Japanese depot arranged this classic tournament one or two, also won the historic first crown. The Le Mans hour endurance race is always breathtaking and unexpected, and the contestants and the team must maintain a stable display of first-rate standards and embody the brand value concept of Rolex at the time of the competition.

Toyota’s two hybrid cars are leading the race this year, giving full play to fuel-saving performance, stopping the station interval beyond the rival’s Le Mans prototype (LMP1) model. At night, car number7skillfully handle dense traffic and slow areas, once leading, but 8 cars from behind. At dawn, car number8 still retains a strong edge, leading the competition and winning the championship. After the Toyota team,Rebellion Racing the team to keep their position as the strongest LMP1 team, its No. 3 car finally won the third place. The g-drive team , the LPM2 -level tournament, is superior in performance, the car from the first hour continued to lead, and eventually won the Rank Championship, ranked fifth in total. The GT -class tournament is as competitive as expected, with Porsche in the two groups in general leading the team.

LMGTE Professional Group competition is particularly exciting, so that the audience hold their breath, Porsche, Ford and Ferrari three major car competition, with each other only in a few laps between the end of the race. In the end, the Porsche GT team won the Championship by overtaking the car. lmgte Amateur Group Tournament more soul-stirring, the championship popular Dempsey-protonteam’s number one final ranked first. For Fernando · Alonso (Fernando Alonso), the victory is remarkable, he has not only won the FIA Formula 1®world Champion, but also vowed to take off the three major racing industry: FORMULA 1 Grand PRIX DE MONACO, le mans-Hour endurance race and Indianapolis. The Spaniard has already included the Monaco Grand Prix and the Le Mans Endurance Championship, becoming the fifth most-honored driver in history.

His teammate Kazuki Nakajima said after the game: “This day we have been waiting for a long time, the mood is unspeakable.” It has always been our dream to win the game. We remain preoccupied until we see the square flag swing, the winning line, and never relax. Rolex spokesperson Tom Kristensen shares his views on the Le Mans competition, stressing that he must have exceptional qualities to win in consecutive hours. “To win here, you have to remain absolutely determined and humble within the hour, because the drivers and the team have to accept and anticipate the challenges,” said the nine-star of the Le Mans endurance race.

The winning team can still demonstrate this quality under the harshest conditions, and winning the championship is deserved. Through this effort and perseverance, podium, and received a Rolex Oyster Daytona (Rolex Oysterperpetual Cosmograph) Watch, is particularly memorable, and Because this watch will always remember this extraordinary moment. The 2018 le Mans-Hour endurance race has a total of five cars, showing a superb combination of state-of-the-art technology and human performance. The significance of the Le Mans hour endurance race is beyond mere motor racing, reflecting the deep link between Rolex and Sport: By virtue of excellence, innovation and enthusiasm, constantly breaking through the limits and creating the summit.

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 Rolex Fake
Rolex Fake

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