Why do everyone love great Swiss Replica Rolex Watches?

Does everyone love Swiss Replica Rolex Watches? Everyone has an answer to their own mind. Undoubtedly, it is difficult for someone in the watch industry to be able to shake. When I was a child, I was deeply branded in the Hong Kong film, and I was able to have a piece when I grew up. It became the goal of our efforts and the guiding principle for progress. Why does everyone love it? This is an interesting proposition.

Rolex Replica Watches made the right choice from the starting point.

Regarding the brand name, he said: “I almost tried all the letter combinations and ended up with hundreds of names, but none of them satisfied me. One morning, I was sitting on the upper level of the public carriage, passing through the streets of London. I seem to hear the sound of an elf whispering in my ear: Swiss Replica Rolex Watches.”
A simple, easy-to-read name that is easier to remember than any language, and beautiful on the watch movement and dial. This is a successful case in marketing strategy.

• Return to the position of the watch – accuracy

Talking about marketing, I am not going to go back to the watch itself. Speaking of Swiss Replica Rolex Watches, the pursuit of “precision” is the brand has been making unremitting efforts. As early as 1910, the watch produced by Rolex became the first watch to receive the Swiss timepiece certificate from the Swiss Bill’s official watch rating center. It sounds complicated. Simply put, it is not easy to get this certification. The test items to be passed are very strict. As the first certified watch, it proves that Rolex has a high demand for precision in history.

• Traceable history of brand history – both classic and innovative

Take the Rolex Replica Swiss new log-type watch launched this year, the log type is a model of its classic watch. It was born in 1945 and has a history of more than 70 years. Whether it is in function or aesthetic design, the log type is hard to surpass. Its biggest feature is the use of its iconic enamel case, triangular bezel, and enamel strap. The collection of these three points is collected on a table, the classic non-log type.

This year, it launched the new Oyster Perpetual Log Watch, equipped with the eternal rose gold steel (a combination of steel and 18ct eternal rose gold) and gold steel (a combination of steel and 18ct gold), each The style has a variety of dials to choose from. In addition to innovation in the design, Rolex will not let us down. The new type perpetual log type is equipped with a new generation of 3235 calibers, cast from a unique alloy, which greatly improves the anti-magnetic performance, and the shock resistance is 10 times higher than the traditional hairspring.

Who said that men love Swiss Replica Rolex Watches?

The enthusiasm of women for it is also difficult to ruin. It can not only be worn by men and women, this year, the brand also brought a new log-type 31 watch for this group of women who love it – there are 3 styles: 18ct white gold, 18ct gold, and 18ct eternal rose gold. For everyone to choose. The type perpetual log watch in the picture above is made of 18t white gold, the bezel is set with sparkling diamonds, and the pearl is again displayed as a moment in the mother-of-pearl. The details are luxurious. Combining diamonds, mother-of-pearl, and precious metal materials is not overly ostentatious, it is a very sincere gift to all women rolex replicas for sale.

When it comes to the new products of Swiss Replica Rolex Watches2018, at the Basel International Watch Fair at the beginning of the year, the “Pepsi circle” was also heated. In its 10th year of log-based launch, in 1955, it released the first Greenwich-type watch, and since then it has been one of the most popular series in Rolex’s collection.

The new “Rainbow Circle” still uses three iconic sub-disc designs, enamel bracelets, and replaces the previous platinum and gold with a rose gold case. The most outstanding is the jewel that has been carefully selected, polished and arranged in the bezel. Each jewel must be checked through the layers of the watchmaker to complete an impeccable work.

Therefore, the output of this new “rainbow circle” will not be very high, only in small-scale mass production. If you have the opportunity to start, it’s still early.
Speaking of Swiss Replica Rolex Watches’s “successful experience”, the reason is not complicated: to keep the initial heart, to work hard on the watchmaking process, and to return to the product itself is the key to success.

Why does everyone love it? Because it is precise enough, it makes people feel the charm of machinery again; it is also enough to be iconic and even represents the brand of an era. Its name is unknown, no one knows.

Rolex manufacture details — Swiss Replica Rolex Watches online sale

“There are only three kinds of fake rolex watches in the world, patek philippe, rolex and others,” goes the watchman circle. This sentence highly summarizes the status of the two brands of patek philippe and rolex in the watch industry, one is the king of the high-end watch making field, and one is the luxury watch brand with the highest sales volume. But many watch friend can ask, since already was “luxurious watch brand”, can be rolex still did not have tuo flywheel? Before talking about this topic, the first thing to do is to figure out what a tourbillon is. In the mechanism of mechanical clock, the speed regulating system of the rotary swivel wheel is adopted. This system directly determines the time accuracy of the clock. A coil of wire, arranged in a spiral of Archimedes (similar to the common mosquito coil). This arrangement of the silk, its center of gravity is naturally not in its central position. Swiss Replica Rolex Watches online sale.

Swiss Replica Rolex Watches
Swiss Replica Rolex Watches

When the filament is loaded onto the cycloid, it will shrink and expand as the cycloid moves. At this point, the shape of the gossamer will change, the core selected Wastchoosy USES 11 times magnifier to shoot a segment of cycloid gossamer movement slow motion video. In video, we can clearly see that the contour of the filaments is irregular when shrinking and enlarging, and the contraction and expansion of the upper right part is larger than that of the lower left. When moving, the shape of the gossamer changes, and the center of gravity of the gossamer moves around much more than when it is stationary. Such deviation is very subtle, but it is not tolerable for the gossamer cycloidal system that runs nearly half a million times a day. Any small deviation and enlargement will affect the timing accuracy of the clock. To solve this problem, in 1795, the founder of the watch brand breguet, Abraham Louis breguet, proposed to bend part of the gossamer upward to form a double layer of gossamer, and use the weight of the second layer to balance the center of gravity of the gossamer, so as to keep the center of gravity as far as possible. This design is called “Breguet Spring” Breguet vermicelli. This is an internal experimental data chart from Precision Engineering AG, a brother of the watch brand Henry muth. The dark blue line is the center of gravity migration track of the normal plane gossamer in the process of motion, and the blue line is the center of gravity migration track of the breguet gossamer. Based on the above experimental data, it is not difficult to see that the center of gravity of ordinary plane gossamer is very obvious when moving the movement of the movement. The breguet gossamer greatly improves this center of gravity deviation, basically keeping the center of gravity of the gossamer in the middle. On June 26, 1801, Abraham — Louis breguet was granted a patent for a decade by an official agency called the Tourbillon Tourbillon. Breguet envisions the entire winch control system installed in a moving frame that rotates one full turn per minute. In this way, all errors are repeated regularly to cancel each other out. Swiss Replica Rolex Watches online sale. Replica Watches here give you wonderful experience.

According to breguet’s own imagination, the tourbillon design is very “perfect”. But the transition from invention to object is not smooth. Breguet was patented in 1801, but he only had experiments. Until four years later, the tourbillon pocket watch was officially marketed, and not a mass production version, but customized. Between 1805 and 1823, when Abraham Louis breguet died, breguet sold only 35 tourbillons over 18 years. Such sales result and the clock that carries treasure ji to swim silk to compare, the difference is too big. Why did this happen? That’s because it was so hard to make a tourbillon with the horological skills of the time. There is not much power in the spring of the pocket watch movement. Therefore, the movable frame of tourbillon must be very light, and the weight of the entire tourbillon frame is less than 1 gram, so that the gear train of the movement can be carried. Such a lightweight frame would not have been possible in an age when lathes weren’t technically sophisticated, and even if the frame’s shape was made, the balance of the whole gossamer escapement system would have been taken into account. So the tuo flywheel processing has been a difficult problem! According to records, in the more than 200 years after the invention of tourbillon, only about 200 watchmakers mastered this advanced technology. Swiss Replica Rolex Watches online sale.

Because the amount is small, difficult to process, and valuable, tuo flywheel is regarded as “sacred” by many watch friends. It is often thought that “the brand with tourbillon is strong, and the brand without tourbillon is low-end”. As for why rolex doesn’t have tourbillons? In fact, it can be divided into three stages to explore the cause. The first stage is from 1905 to the 1950s, the second is from 1953 to the 1990s, and the third is from 1990s to now.

The first stage: from 1905 to the 1950s or so, the lack of capacity, rolex can not do out of the tourbillon that explanation sounds a bit strange at first. Hans Wilsdorf founded rolex in 1905, the predecessor to the company, and in the days that followed it opened with two big gems: “oyster waterproof case” and “automatic chain movement.” But at this time, rolex’s development and production capacity is not strong! Rolex was commissioned to produce the movements on behalf of Aegler. So at that time, rolex couldn’t do it. Not only rolex can not do, at that time few brands can independently produce tourbillon pocket watches, watches. Patek philippe, vacheron vacheron, chipper, and Athens are among the big names of the tourbillon pocket patek philippe replica watches that have been ordered and processed by watchmakers and then sold under their own trademarks. The most famous watchmaker is Albert pellaton-favre (1832-1914) or his son James Cesar Pellaton (1873-1954). This is why we find that these brands of tourbillon pocket watches actually look the same.

Swiss Replica Rolex Watches
Swiss Replica Rolex Watches

Of course later, in 1947, omega made the cal.30l tourbillon movement and in 1956 patek philippe developed the cal.34t tourbillon movement. The second stage: from 1953 to the 1990s, the product positioning is clear. The third stage is that rolex does not have to be the tourniquet. For more information about Rolex Replica, please pay attention to us.