The Ultimate Timing Dream Of Rolex Cosmograph-Daytona M116508

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Rolex Daytona does not need too much introduction; popular style, especially the black and white panda dial Daytona, is particularly popular. And this latest replica Rolex Cosmograph-Daytona M116508 is also very popular with watch friends. This watch and the all-gold Daytona are only different in the color of the dial, and the most prominent feeling is the high-profile personality. Next, I will analyze this replica Rolex Cosmograph-Daytona M116508 for you.

From the overall view of this replica Rolex Cosmograph-Daytona watch, the size is 40 mm, suitable for the wrist of most people. The gleaming gold highlights the noble atmosphere, with a green dial, but also looks business style, always so shining. The color of the dial is almost no color difference, the green of the dial is more like dark green, but it is not completely dark green. Therefore, this Rolex replica watch is so attractive. It seems that green is the representative color of Rolex!

The mirror of this Rolex replica watch uses a sapphire crystal mirror, after anti-glare treatment, the disc surface is padded with the pure black background, and the three small discs are composed of gold. The long red hand pointing at 12 o’clock is the chronograph second hand, the 3-point small dial is the 30-minute display, the 6 o’clock small dial is the second-hand display, and the 9 o’clock small dial is the 12-hour display. All time scales and hour and minute hands are filled with a luminous effect.

And this latest replica Rolex watch will show different colors when viewed from different angles. It is dark green on the front and dark green on the side. In general, the color of the dial is exactly the same as the genuine one, and the texture is also excellent. There are three crowns on the side. From top to bottom, the timer is turned on and off, the time is adjusted, and the timer is turned off! All use screw-in handles, which have a super high waterproof effect. The thickness is the same as the original.

The shell follows 904l stainless steel casting with 2N18 gold plating, the color is more prominent, and the gloss is brighter. The back cover adopts the triangular anti-texture consumption type bottom cover, which is screwed in tightly, which significantly increases the waterproof performance. The four corners of the bottom cover have corresponding precious metal marks! The movement is equipped with a customized version of the 4130 movements and uses imported KIF shock absorbers. All movement details and functions are perfectly restored.

This Rolex replica watch maintains the consistent exquisite workmanship, accurate travel time, compact surface, and tough style. While ensuring that the appearance and size are basically the same, all functions are also consistent with the original version.

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